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Choosing The Right Inbound Call Tracking System For Your Campaign

As a modern business operator, you know that market presence is a very important element for success and numerous call tracking companies are out there nowadays and such programs are readily available for interested individuals and businesses. Despite the popularity of the world in online shopping, recent studies confirm that a lot of people of purchases over the internet was being done offline , this is also an indication that the idea of publishing phone numbers is still effective regarding bringing profits to web-based companies. For many business owners, tracking a potential customer’s behavior online is quite easy since there are many tools available that can make that possible and the challenge, however, is that around 60% of web-related purchases do not happen online, but offline.

A call tracking software’s main function is to help you analyze and track that comes from various methods including online and offline strategies. You will be able to recognize patterns that will be helpful in making solid marketing plans for your business and you will be able to evaluate the performance of your sales representatives, and you can give them relevant feedback for improvement.

With inbound call tracking system, you can determine which marketing investments are giving returns and which are not.Call tracking is a good way of gathering information about your marketing operation and this includes the number of calls, the percentage of leads, and the actual investment of each of your marketing campaigns.

Selecting the right system to use can also be a challenge for many businesses, though, especially for those who are not too familiar with how it works.If you are enticed in integrating this technology into your business, here are some important factors you need to keep in mind.


The number coverage of the system you would want to avail yourself of is crucial, especially if you are targeting a global market.

Integration Ability

If you are using an online analytics tool for your campaign, for instance, integrating call tracking into it can give you a better idea about the visitor’s browsing history on your website.

Tool Flexibility

How you want to use call tracking for your business will not be the same as how other business would want to do it and the reason is that different business use data differently so, it is important that the tool you are going to avail yourself of has a high customization flexibility.Recorded transactions can offer you a wealth of information on how customers inquire about your services or products.


There’s no question that how much you are shelling out for the inbound call tracking service is one of the biggest factors.

Getting an insight of your customer’s experience can tell you how well or how poorly your staff had entertained your callers and this is a window of opportunity for change or improvement both for your marketing staff in particular and your customer service arm in general. The telephone plays an important role in the modern business process and as a business owner, you should take this as an opportunity to increase your potential for sales by implementing an online call tracking solution for your business.

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