Why Shoes Aren’t As Bad As You Think

Ways to Wear Heels Without Pain

High heels make a woman’s figure and stride look amazing. But they can get so uncomfortable, which still does not discourage women from dropping them altogether. The good news for them is that heels do not have to be the objects of torture they sometimes are. They simply need to change a few things to make the experience less painful. They do not have to avoid them by sticking to flat heels. High heels shall soon be made more comfortable.

They need to be broken in. Ladies are usually tempted to keep wearing their new heels, for too long. They end up spending too much time with them on. This is not ideal. Patience will help you wear them for short periods to begin with, until they are broken in. Then you can wear them for longer periods. They tend to get more comfortable as you sit and walk. You can then go for a party or other event more comfortably.

There are insoles they can make use of. They are there to make it less painful to wear heels. This is especially beneficial to those whose job requires them to wear heels throughout their shifts. You will find plenty of options when it comes to fit and finish.

They also have the option of talcum powder. Before slipping your feet into a pair of heels, you need to apply some of it on them. This will minimize friction between the heels and the feet. This shall also prevent you from getting blisters and skin tears. Talcum keeps feet blister free, since you need to keep walking on them.

You need to trim those nails. Long toenails and high heels do not go well together. You have to decide which to keep, the toenails for the heels. This is how you prevent injuries due to long toenails getting squeezed or broken.

You can also go for the supermodel secret when it comes to heel wearing. What they do is tape their third and fourth toes together. This is how they manage to help their feet balance the entire body weight more evenly. They will only do this if they are wearing closed-toe types of heels. That is a look you do not wish to have. This has been something that they have dome for so long to stay comfortable on their feet.

Heels are great shoes for women, when you think of the attention they command. By practicing what is written here, a woman hall be both stylish and comfortable while wearing heels. There are many parts of a woman’s clothing that calls for bearing of some form of pain. Heels do not have to go down the same road.